Extras (Price varies)


Golden Nuts: comes with 6 golden nuts and 2 stickers (incl. tax kr3,00)
Mini Pallet: comes with 1 pallet and 2 stickers (incl. tax kr3,00)
Golden Screws: comes with 8 golden screws and to stickers (incl. tax kr7,50)
Mini Bricks: comes with 5 bricks and 2 stickers (Incl. tax kr2,50)
Foam tape 3 pack:
colors: pink, gray, black, dark green, peach, brown, purple, white, lime green, orange, yellow, red, dark blue.
(Enter the colors of the 3 different color you would like to have in the Comment box, when you order or DM me on Instagram @kabbeverb.fb) comes with 3 sheets of foam tape and 2 stickers. (Incl. tax kr3,00)

Incl. tax

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